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product development

Product Development

Ideation and Design
Patent Checking
Mould Development
Quality Assurance
product development


Duni Song Seng can source for products outside of its current inventory based on:

Client’s specifications
Time line

Minimum quantity will apply for this service.

product development

Licensing Support for Movie Tie Ups

In 2004, SSAS started providing licensing support for clients looking for movie tie ups for their promotional activities. SSAS can provide the following products and services:

Licensed In-Theatre concession premiums for Cinemas.
Negotiation of movie tie ups with all major movie studios on behalf of the client.
Artwork design and Product Ideation.
Manage royalty, product approval and product manufacturing.
product development

Consultation for Green Packaging

In 2009, Duni Song Seng brought the Green initiative a step further than all its competitors. In addition to just providing a green, recyclable range of disposable packaging, we started selling the concept of a Closed Loop Program.

For more information on this program, please call us at +65 6741 7200.